Booking & Production Contacts

For private parties or events contact Merrilee –
For all shows and performances contact –

All our booking is done via email. Please do not call our main line about any booking inquiries. Booking agents do not work onsite. The bartenders are not booking agents and will not be able to help you out.

We do our best to answer all emails, but due to volume, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with this goal. Please be patient and understanding with us.

If you are out-of-town band booking a tour, we highly recommend you try to first contact one of the many fine bands here in Birmingham to help you get a show. We are a very destination specific location, and there won’t be a crowd milling around who will get into your band because you happen to be playing in the background. If your band has no history in Birmingham and no established crowd, it is very likely you could have literally no one show up to your show at our space. We highly encourage you have someone help build a good bill with you if you want to play the club.

Just because a date isn’t listed on our website doesn’t mean it’s available, simply because different shows get listed at different times, we don’t list private events and other such things, and often people can be holding the date sometimes 6 parties deep (much like waiting in line to see who is going to take the date).

We sincerely and immensely value your interest in playing our club and thank you for your correspondence. That said, there are also a lot of other great clubs in the Birmingham area (Workplay, The Nick, Zydeco, Spring Street Firehouse, etc., and lots of good house parties as well) so if a date at our place doesn’t work out, we highly recommend you contact another club or booking contact because Birmingham can indeed be a really great place to play. Thanks so much!

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Q: Where is the Bottletree Located?
A: Bottletree is at 3719 3rd Ave S between 37th and 38th street.

Q: Where do I purchase tickets?
A: Tickets are available on our website. You can also purchase tickets at the bar.

Q: Are ticket sales refundable?
A: No refunds. All sales are final.

Q: How old do I need to be to get in?
A: All shows are 18 and up unless otherwise specified.

Q: How do I give ticket to another person?
A: ALL ticket transfers must be done through prior to door times of the show.  Not bartenders. We do not honor scalped tickets.

Q: Can I sell my tickets for more than I paid for them?
A: Absolutely not! We frown on scalpers and do everything in our power to stop them. If you are caught selling or buying tickets for more than face value you will not be allowed to attend the show!

Q: The show is sold out, what can I do?
A: Make a new friend that has an extra ticket. Again, we will do everything in our power to stop scalping. Also, please note we will not support tickets purchased through second party vendors and that buying tickets through Craigslist is always a risk.  TicketBiscuit is the only authorized seller of Bottletree tickets.

Q: Do you have seats?
A: We have a few bar stools in the venue, but they cannot be reserved and are removed for shows expected to be sold out or close to. This is a standing/dancing place. If you must sit to watch a show this is probably not the venue for you.

Q: I am in a wheelchair but would love to come to a concert. Will I be able to?
A: Absolutely. Feel free to send an e-mail to request that space be reserved for special situations.

Q: Is photography permitted?
A: Small point-and-shoot cameras are permitted, but we please ask that you turn off the flash out of respect for the artists. Professional SLR cameras will require special permission from each individual artist’s management.

Q: Can I smoke inside?
A: Birmingham city ordinance section 11-9-10 (k) prohibits any smoking inside Bottletree or within our covered patio. Since the passing of this ordinance, we have built an extension of the patio to permit smoking. Please do not smoke in front of the building.

Q: When can I enter the venue and when will the music start?
A: Typically, doors are at 8pm with music starting at 9pm. We would also like to note that most shows will be over around midnight.

Q: Do you show football games?
A: We will do our best to show all televised games throughout the season. When shows are scheduled on Alabama or Auburn game nights, we try to push performances back until after the game.

Q: I need to stay the night, what do you suggest?
A: Your best bet will be to check out Priceline.