News: Bottletree Renovations!

We’re super-excited about all the great upcoming shows over the next few months here at Bottletree and hope you are too. The spring should have lots of great, positive moves in store for us. Besides the website, we’re getting a new outdoor sign and will be doing lots of cool things to the space. One thing that we’re raising money for is building a new stage that is bigger, and taller. This is something that will provide the bands with more space to roam and help shorter folks in the back of the room see the bands better. We really want both our patrons and visiting musicians to have the best experience they can. We’re having a few benefits over the next couple months to help facilitate this (the first one being April 10), and if y you’re band is interested in playing one of them, please contact: Also, if anyone would possibly want to make a small donation to the cause, you can donate via Paypal at: Thanks, we appreciate your patronage so much and are striving to be the absolute best place we can be for everyone.

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