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Snail Vibe – My first impression of this crazy sex toy!

When it comes to female sex toys, there are probably a hundred different types of toys out there. The list seems endless, starting from magic wands to bullets vibrators to dildos to Ben Wa balls. A few years back, one such interesting-looking product came to the forefront—the Snail Vibe. At first glance, you will never identify it as a sex toy. To be pretty honest, I was confused about how even to use it.


The snail vibrator found at Twice Tonight is one of the most popular insertable vibrators out there for all the right reasons! Right off the box, you might have some difficulty understanding the weird look, but the designer did work hard to ensure perfection, and it has undoubtedly been delivered well. But once you understand the mechanics, there’s no going back.


What is the Snail Vibe?

The Snail vibe toy is the perfect combination of a dildo, a clitoral stimulator, and a vibrator. So you can say it is an insertable vibrator that also has an appendage that sits on the clitoris to stimulate the same.


The Crazy Design. Is it any good?

I’ll be honest. I have seen a lot of giant sex toys. But when I opened up the package of the snail vibe, I was surprised at how big the whole thing was. I measured it to be almost 10 inches and was still trying to figure out how those large golf-ball-sized structures were supposed to go inside me.

It turns out they don’t, and I really wasn’t getting it.


It’s like some piece of modern art, you know?


Now. Let’s get to the facts.

The smooth, seven-inch slender side is meant to be inserted into the vagina. The ball on the flexible loop is designed to maintain contact with the clitoris as you thrust the toy. Now THAT makes some sense. I am sharing my confusion here because of two reasons:

  1. I think it’s pretty cool that this toy is so innovative that I didn’t immediately know how it worked. This is a rather welcoming curiosity as most brands tend to copy the same old designs and end up making boring sex toys.
  2. I’m sure there will be other users who will be equally bewildered after opening the package. Now, being a girl, I understand things might get tricky in bed, and people might end up feeling insecure, so to prevent that, I’m just here to tell you that it is completely alright to feel confused seeing this crazy sex toy!

There are barely any sex toys like that. The design of this toy required some off-the-box thinking, and I’m genuinely impressed.

Now, the shell of the Snail Vibe — or curved bulb — is for clitoral stimulation, while the smooth end (or lower arm) is for vaginal stimulation. When you put the long slender end internally, the shell gradually uncoils so the lower arm can penetrate deeper. As it penetrates deeper, the other end (having the ball-like structure) sits snuggly on the mound vibrating on the clitoris.


The design makes perfect sense now!

Let’s get to the functionalities now!


Owing to its powerful motors and unique design, the Snail Vibe comes with some fantastic features that no other toy can boast.

The two motors have five speeds and five vibration settings each. These settings are:

  • Steady hum
  • Consistent pulsating vibrations
  • A sinusoidal rev up and slow down
  • Short then long pulse loop
  • A loop of fast-paced rev-up sudden halts


If you use simple maths, using the number of speed and vibration options available across the two mends, SnailVibe has about 600 possible combinations!


Snail Vibe sex toy is waterproof and made up of body-safe silicone. According to the user guide, you can even submerge the toy in water for a short period of time when cleaning it, but don’t keep it drowned for too long.

As with all silicone toys, you must restrict yourself to either a water-based or oil-based lubricant, as silicone lubes will erode the material.


As far as the size goes, the vibrator is about 9.4 inches long (a bit shorter than an average forearm) and has an insertable length of 1.4 to 5.5 inches, the latter of which is about the average penis size. The insertable end has a width of 1.4 inches. If you ask me, it should be comfortable for most users; however, keep your bottle of lube handy.


The Snail sex toy also comes with its own bag, so you can carry it safely wherever you want. Lastly, you can charge the Snail Vibe via a USB cable; an LED light will blink until it’s fully charged, emitting a solid glow. It takes two hours to charge for one hour of solid usage, so that’s a good bargain.


Wrapping it all up.


The Snail vibrator sex toy is basically the alien of all sex toys that somehow outperforms all other toys and becomes the class bully. If you are not too much scared about the looks of the toy, you should surely give this one a shot. The snail sex toy is here to slay!






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