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The Bottle Tree

Preserving Mother Nature

NGO providing clean water to communities in poverty and preserving the environment.

In a world where more and more people focus on themselves only, we aim to raise awareness of the impact we have over our planet.

Our primary goal is to bring clean and fresh water to deprived communities, but our campaigns have spread all over the world over the past few years – these days, we also push to promote green energy and save environmental heavens.

We are actively involved in campaigns in over 50 countries. There are more ways you can help – feel free to join us today.

Bringing fresh water

Despite being everywhere around us, not everyone has access to fresh water.

Protecting rare environments

There are unique environments out there threatened to be destroyed by the human interaction.

Reducing carbon emissions

We push for green energy, especially in large cities.

Educating those around us

People make mistakes due to the lack of education – help, educate and raise awareness.

Our mission is to preserve Mother Nature for the next generations.

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Find out how you can help

There are more ways to join us


Any donation will go towards a greater fund and will help in one way or another.


We run campaigns in multiple countries – find the nearest one and join our friendly groups.

Raise awareness

Raising awareness is just as helpful – educate those around you to make better decisions.

The Bottle Tree

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